March 04, 2011

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree32" Fiber Optic Pre-lit Artificial Christmas TreeFiber optic Christmas trees offer you plenty of color without having to deal with lights. This means there will be more room on your tree for other decorations. Most people get frustrated untangling Christmas tree lights anyway so you will be saving yourself from this daunting task. The colors come out in spurts at the tips of the tree from fibers that are part of the branches. 

The way in which the colors are displayed on a fiber optic Christmas tree has to do with the bottom of the tree. In the stand where you insert the tree there is a light. On top of that light is a disk with various colors. When you plug in the Christmas tree base there is a motor that will cause the disk to spin. There is a plan light bulb under the disk that the color is reflected from. This is how you will see the colors at the top of the Christmas tree.

It is important to make sure this is working before you insert the tree into the base and start to decorate the tree. You may have to reset the button on the side of the base. If you still don't get colors there is a small light bulb that may need to be replaced. This is a very simple process though and it can be completed in just a couple of minutes. 

You do need to make sure you don't put presents directly under the motor of the fiber optic Christmas tree. There is a vent and fan at the bottom that keeps the entire mechanism from getting too hot. If you have a Christmas tree skirt or presents blocking it yours may get too hot. This can result in it not working properly.

Fiber optic Christmas trees come in many different sizes. They are very colorful and you will find much easier than dealing with lights. They are more expensive than basic Christmas trees but not too much more than you will have to dig deep into your pockets to get one. Check out the displays of fiber optic Christmas trees at various retailers and you are sure to like what you see.

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